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Photos3 Page:

drawing. seppia on paper .

dalla finestra oil on canvas
Papaya I
Oil on canvas. 100*100cm
Le sorelle. Oil on canvas 150*100cm
Miggie and maggie.
oil on canvas.
Abbraccio 2 carbon on brown paper
Abbraccio 3
Seppia on brown paper. 2000
La casa degli argentini.
Oil on canvas. 90*90cm. The latest painting.
Pianta da giardino II
Oil on canvas. 90*110cm. 1999.
Pianta da giardino I
oil on canvas.size 90*90cm. 1999.
carbon on browon paper. size 40x40cm.
Il bacio
carbon on brown paper aprox size 35x40cm price 60US$
abbraccio 4
carbon on brown paper size 40x40cm aprox price 60US$
abbraccio 5
carbon on brown paper size 30x40cm aprox price 60US$