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As far as I know the web is not the place where a great deal of art is sold. So it would be unrealistic, on my part to expect sales on a large scale; I don't. Selling is not my principal motivation for showing my work on the web.
I believe that art should speak for itself. The paintings the sculptures and the drawings are what this site is all about, so I'll limit information about myself to a minimum.

I was born In Italy in 1959. Lived and studied in England from the age of 12 to 21. Lived in Mexico from 1989 to 1998. I'm Uruguay since 1999. I lived in Italy the rest of the time.
I have exhibited in Italy, Mexico, and U.S.A.
There is nothing more to say about my person.
Art, for the artists, is a very bad business. A good painting takes time. The money is in the mass production of products or services. An artist to be profitable should paint a lot. The web is full of art for sale and as far as I know sales are scarce. On the web as in the galleries one can find good art and bad art. But how many can differentiate one from the other?
The criteria's that should allow us to judge and decide what to buy are confusing. I have noticed that strange ideas, are called innovations, and are accepted as art. But are they produced with art?
If you are looking for something to hang in your house let me give you a word of advice.
You have three options: The first is to buy a poster reproduction of something that has passed the proof of time, and is probably good. You certainly wouldn't be able to buy the original.
The second option is to buy a painted reproduction, a copy of the second painting.
The last option is to look for an original, of a new artist that, in your opinion has similar qualities to the paintings that you can't afford.
Drawings are economic ways to have original artwork, of good quality, at very low prices.
There is a great deal to say about this topic. I will keep adding material to this page.
Write to me if you agree or if you disagree.

I have been interested in art for quite a time and during these years I came upon a few arts related questions that, I believe art lovers should ask themselves and answer before painting or buying art.
I will proceed by listing some of them and I'll also try to give the answer that I found more fitting as well as some of the answers that others give although I may disagree with them.
What is art?
A lot has been written on the subject, so much that I will not even try to answer the question as, after all, it is irrelevant to most people. When someone buys a painting, drawing or sculpture or object, that person should not even consider if that object is art as philosophers have made the definition of art useful only to anthropologists.
To cut the problem short I'll tell you that when I paint or draw I don't concern myself with the problem much. When I go into a museum or a gallery, I go for the pleasure that viewing harmonious forms, combinations of lines, colours or volumes give me. I don't follow the guidelines of philosophers or critics. I find pleasure only when I find certain harmonies or harmonic disharmonies independently of the critic's views. The buyer should follow similar guidelines and buy what he or she considers beautiful, if the price is a reflection of the rarity and quality of the object. Gold is expensive because it is a rare metal. When we chose to buy furniture we also consider the quality of the product as well as the price. We are prepared to pay more for furniture that we know is well made as we know that certain details cost work, we are not really concerned by who built it. When we buy designer's clothes, we are prepared to pay more because we also know that the name is a guarantee of craftsmanship although we are quite conscious that the item has not even been touched by the designer that puts on it his label.
Italy is a tourist resort because of its ancient architecture, and its museums. People still find pleasure and are prepared to pay for the privilege of being able to view sculptures that were made 2000 years ago and paintings that have been made 500 years ago. Do you think that in 500 years people will pay to see much of the abstract art that has been dearly bought buy many museums? Mind you, I am using the word art to describe it!
Do you think that most of the artists that paint abstract are capable artisans? I don't. I think that they are very good PR. people and that they have received good promotion.
Art is bad business for the artist unless he is able to mass-produce. Money is in the mass production, in the numbers.
The majority of products can be mass-produced successfully, automobiles etc. Even sculptures can be mass-produced from an original; prints too. But when you go into a gallery to buy an original work you are obviously prepared to pay more than for a poster reproduction of a famous painting; so look for quality, don't pay dearly for something that is not worth the money just because it's an original, hand made painting. If you want to hang in your home an original art work, 99% of the times, you can be sure that your child drawing or painting is more valuable and enjoyable, than something you may buy in a gallery or from the web. If size is the problem, then give your child enough paper.
Feedback is very much welcome.

Adriano Stura.
Country of origin. Italy.

Artistic activity.
1987. First prize " Concorso Nazionale Riviera degli Etruschi" Livorno Italy.
1990. First solo exhibition. Galleria Artdicre Mexico D.F.
1991. Collective exhibition Circa 9 gallery. San Diego Ca.
1992. Various exhibitions in the state of Veracruz Mexico.
1993. Three works selected for the "1ª Bienal de Pintura del Sureste de Mexico"
Solo exhibition en Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura. Veracruz Mexico.
As well as Casa de cultura de Cordoba y San Andres Tuxtla Veracruz.
Collective exhibition en Teatro Galeria Diego Rivera. Mexico D.F.
1993 to 1996 Art teacher in casa de Cultura de San Andres Tuxtla Veracruz.
1994 Collective exhibition en Festival afrocaribe├▒o. IDEC Veracruz Mexico.
1994. Solo exhibition en Museo de Antropologia de Xalapa Veracruz.
Solo exhibition en Galeria del Estado Xalapa Veracruz.
1999 Accademico di merito, title given by "Academia Italiana gli etruschi." Italy.
Prize winner in "Primer concorso nazionale Eur Arte 1999."

Adriano Stura.